Tips on how to get involved on campus

This semester, I’m a TL for Dr. Barke’s GT1000 seminar class. Today, we’ll be discussing “organizations 101”, or how to get involved on campus. As a freshman (or even a senior), college may seem stressful at times. One of the best ways to get away from a hectic academic life is to join organizations around campus. Not only do you make great connections, but you’ll meet new people who have new ideas. They may inspire you or be a great friend to you (especially when it’s 3:00 a.m. and you’re still studying in the CULC). 

Organizations are also a great catch on resumes, which all of you will need soon. Say bye-bye to your high school resume and clubs. It’s time to start over. Do it better the second time round’. What do you say? 


  • Breath

  • Here is an entire list of organizations at Tech:

  • Ask yourself: What am I interested in?

  • Don’t join organizations just because your friends do. You’ll be miserable if it’s something you don’t love.

  • Ask yourself: How much time do I have daily?

  • Get a planner and get your life together. Organize your schedule. Do not join too many organizations at once because time commitments are like playing Monopoly- being rich is wonderful until you go bankrupt. 

  • Join a fun organization, a service organization, and a network organization. (Example: FAB, For the Kids, SAA)

  • If you miss the deadline, try emailing the organization’s director. The worse they can say is NO.

  • If you have any questions about an organization, email the director or sponsor and they’ll email you back 98% of the time.

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself first semester. Many organizations accept new members in the Spring, too.

  • Be committed to the organizations you join. DO NOT BE FLAKEY.

  • Drop an organization if you aren’t passionate about it. Commitment is hard, but forcing yourself to do something you aren’t passionate about is worse.

  • Go out on a limb- do something new and exciting (and get out of your dorm). 

  • Interact with the people in your organization. They don’t bite (most of the time), I promise.

Hope your semester is off to a great start, Jackets!

2nd day of IAC Associate Dean Dr. John Tone’s ever popular “Introduction to the History of Disease and Medicine.”


World Cup Fever in Barcelona! ♡

One of the best experiences I had in Barcelona was watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Being the slight football (soccer) fan I was, I was already excited for the arrival of the Cup, but being the crazed football fanatics the people of Barcelona are, I am now and forever football crazed! Watching the Cup with actual born and raised Argentineans, Brazilians, Germans, and Italians opened my eyes to the passion of each country, their cultures and their unifying love for the sport. Something I also share whenever my country, Jamaica, plays. And it was an experience I would never take back for the world. I fell in love with their passion, their undying love and their excitement for the sport. I fell in love with Barcelona. ♡

P.S. I am now, always and forever a FC Barcelona fan. Who can’t wait for La Liga in 3 days?? Me! #viscaBarça!!! #força! ♡ 

Pictured above: The screening of the World Cup finals match of Argentina vs. Germany, at Dixie in Barcelona, Spain. 

Check out this World Cup experience one of our Computational Media students, Chelsi Cocking, had while she was on study abroad in Barcelona Spain! Georgia Tech #BarcelonaStudyAbroadProgram.

Georgia Tech To Do List

There are so many things to do while at Georgia Tech. Here’s a list to help you get started!

Visit a food truck for lunch (Buzzcards are accepted!)

Join a hip-hop dance class at the CRC

Run the Pi Mile

Have a picnic in the Engineering Quad

Grab a bite to eat with your friends in Technology Square

Tailgate before a football game

Ride a roller coaster on Georgia Tech Night at Six Flag

Take a picture with the one and only Buzz

First Week Shenanigans, Georgia Tech Edition

  • Mess up the writing on your RAT cap
  • Obsessively eat at North Ave because who doesn’t love unlimited, unhealthy food?
  • Realize that you need to go to the CRC because you can’t walk up freshman hill without your legs aching.
  • Say hi to one of the many construction workers.
  • Get on the Green Route, because why not?
  • Have lunch out of a vending machine because you can’t walk back up freshman hill that quickly to get back for your next class.
  • Wear jeans only to realize you’re the most overdressed up person on campus.
  • Eat a Brittan Burrito, bro.
  • Get lost and realize you can’t read campus maps because it doesn’t talk like your cellphone navigation system. 
  • Spend all your money on Starbucks.

Chile: iacchilenismos:

Spent my Saturday checking out the Museo al Cielo Libre. It’s a street where the buildings are covered in some incredible murals done by the world’s most prominent street artists.

Chile: iacchilenismos:

I’ve now been in Chile for a little over a month and the following lists my main findings thus far:

  1. Chile is both old and new. Santiago is as modern as any city in the US but the mullet is very much still a popular hairstyle.
  2. Chilean empanadas are delicious but don’t quite compare to their…

The Silver Skillet

I’m a huge fan of Food Network. The late night study sessions always tune into Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Never did I think though, that I’d accidentally end up at a restaurant that was featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. The Silver Skillet, known for it’s scrumptious, homey southern food was the site of Michelle’s breakfast the day after the GOP runoff. And as for the interns, well we were the backdrop for Michelle’s press interview.

As the press badgered Michelle to say her thoughts on David Perdue’s victory, Michelle kept her calm and went inside to greet her supporters. On the other hand, all of the interns were trying to literally trying to stop smiling from the press backdrop (we were told to smile, and only smile). On the plus side, all of us were featured on the local news channels, so I guess you could say we’re sort of famous now. 

A good resource


I attended this meeting with Ambassador Bildt for my internship. The Ambassador iterated and clarified the European position on the Ukraine Crisis.

I highly recommend keeping this site bookmarked and checking it every now and again. It hosts some great guests and posts some great research papers. 

Check it out:

Atlantic Council


Check out this awesome video made by a few of my fellow Computational Media/Computer Science students from the Barcelona 2014 Study Abroad Program! :) I couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear when watching it. It was gorgeous. Barcelona 2014 was one of the greatest experiences of my life! 

Video Cred.: Jackie Zhu 

My internship with the DoD for the Office of the Secretary of Defense-Policy, International Security Affairs-Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia office has been beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I can only hope to return.


Everyone at the DoD loves learning. Everyone at the DoD is already stellarly brilliant, but to keep the staff current on new ideas and policy research, members of the DoD constantly attend different meetings or invite guest speakers to talk to a group about specific issues.

On Friday, two of my…

Here are some more photos from my visit to Quantico Marine Base and the HMX-1 hangar. 

IAC Freshmen Survival Guide- Move In Day

Who is ready to carry some boxes up 3 flights of stairs!? I am! Just kidding… But ready or not, move in day is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time for a new batch of freshmen on campus (you)! If you’re a new freshman to this blog, let me introduce myself. I’m Ariana, and I’ve written a whole bunch of advice blogs for freshmen on this tumblr page, and I’m excited that I have a new group of freshmen to talk to! If you’ve seen this blog before (whether in your FASET packet or from the GT Liberal Arts Twitter), it’s time for some more advice. So, how do you get through move in? It’s easy…

There are going to be TONS of people running around helping freshmen move in. It’s partly because GT students love to help out their fellow classmates and partly because we live in a busy city and cars can only be parked for so long before they need to be unpacked and moved to a less congested area. The people are there to help, so don’t be afraid to ask them to carry your futon! I only had to make one trip when I was a freshman because there were so many people helping. My muscles were very thankful since I lived on the third floor. 

One thing to keep in mind while moving in is that dorm rooms are tiny. There’s no way to sugar-coat it. Don’t bring things you don’t need. That includes people. And because the room is small, I recommend talking to your roommate and planning to move in a few hours apart so that there aren’t 10 people trying to maneuver around the room (parents, roommates, brothers, sisters, grandparents, childhood friends, blah blah). 

One thing that I cannot stress enough is to keep your door open on move-in day. There will be all sorts of people roaming the hallways: new hall mates, PL’s, maintenance helpers, tech helpers. Introduce yourself to your hall mates as soon as possible. Make a good first impression! Plus, I’d recommend that you ask a few to grab dinner that night. The first night is always the scariest, but it can also be a ton of fun. There’s no homework yet, and nobody knows anybody. Make the most of it and make friends that could last forever (sounds corny, but I still talk to my “first night friends” on a regular basis). 

I’m not going to lie and say that move in day is easy. It isn’t. You’re leaving your family, friends, and hometown and moving to a new, unknown place. Keep your mind busy by setting up your room the way you like it. And if you’re bored or lonely, walk into the hallway or lounge. Your Peer Leaders will be leading some get-togethers to encourage everyone to meet each other. Participating and putting yourself out there will make the night much more enjoyable. Move in day is the beginning of a wonderful adventure: life as a Georgia Tech Liberal Arts student! 

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