I am interested to see what the future holds for the UK. I am slightly disappointed I couldn’t be in the UK during the vote, but I think I will still see the implications of the resulting political reform when I arrive. 


Good Afternoon All,

Currently I am trying to finish my long “to-do” list before leaving next Saturday for London, England. I will be out of the US and away from my GT home for an entire year. I am extremely excited but also nervous.

I received my visa in the mail already, and I have bought…

Creative Loafing Internship

Hey Friends, 

This semester I am interning at Creative Loafing! Creative Loafing is a weekly alternative newspaper.  The Atlanta paper’s print version is the second-most broadly distributed newspaper in Georgia.  As a soon to be Literature, Media and Communication graduate, I see a future possibly in content strategy, media planning or branding.  

At Creative Loafing I am a Digital Intern and am able to get a taste of the the jobs I plan to pursue in the future.  The position calls for someone with a strong interest in digital, content production, and social media.  As the Digital Intern I will contribute to Creative Loafing’s online editorial voice (social media), online production work (content and database management), and editorial content. Although I work directly under the Digital editor, I will collaborate with section editors and various departments around the office to maintain an ethically sound online presence and execute digital strategy.  So far I’ve become comfortable with the content management system, dabbled in HTML/CSS and developed content for all social media platforms. I’m excited to be learning A LOT and will keep you updated.

Check Out Creative Loafing’s site:



(Do you see my name in the small print under “Interns” ?!?!)


-Alexandra Braxton


Whether you are registered for entire Georgia Tech Family Weekend or not, all Ivan Allen College parents welcome to drop in. Good food, lots of prize drawings, and lots of faculty to interact with!



On last week’s #INTAHour, Dr. Jenna Jordan and Dr. Lawrence Rubin talked about their research. Dr. Rubin focused on #Israel and doing research in a war zone. Dr. Jordan spoke about #ISIS and dealing with changing current events. Faculty, students, and staff all enjoyed a great discussion!


Game days are best days. #heatstroke #worthit (at Bobby Dodd Stadium)


Planners are for squares.

But, not really.

4 organizations, 4 classes, 1 research assistantship, 3 tests, 2 papers, 1 job, and 6 obligatory social hangouts later and you’re left with a crazy schedule to juggle constantly. Oh wait, I already forgot to include homework in that crazy list of things to accomplish in a mere 5 days. I guess we have to throw in eating lunch because we need to survive the next few days, too. I guess I didn’t plan out my time well, eh?

Hypothetically speaking, that’s an extreme example of a student’s semester long commitments. Except, here’s the catch- some of you WILL be that extreme example. If you’re not, no need to worry. You can still be a part of 1 organization and make great strides, but that’s not the reason I’m writing this.

In college, or high school, one of the keys to success is planning and prioritizing time. After a long, tiring day, we sometimes forget that we have homework due at 11:59 p.m. that night, or we may even forget to eat. Forget any one of those two things and you may be hanging on to a thread later on in the semester. This is why it’s so important to plan out your days ahead of time. By keeping a checklist or a calendar, managing and distributing time becomes much easier. Now, you can go to that Drake concert you thought you didn’t have time for!

Here are a few popular outlets: Google Calendar, your computer’s calendar, cellphone calendar, OR a planner from yours truly, Georgia Tech.

It’s important to plan out almost every day. In fact, it’s important to plan out every hour so you’re not spending 4 hours of your time on Facebook, and later realizing you have to stay up late to finish homework (or miss a deadline). 

Don’t be afraid to join organizations because you “don’t have the time.” Joining organizations is one reason that people have planners, and you’ll be surprised at how great you get at managing time once you’re juggling so many responsibilities at once.

T-Night is when new students learn the traditions of Georgia Tech and get to enjoy beautiful fireworks at Bobby Dodd afterwards. 

Tips on how to get involved on campus

This semester, I’m a TL for Dr. Barke’s GT1000 seminar class. Today, we’ll be discussing “organizations 101”, or how to get involved on campus. As a freshman (or even a senior), college may seem stressful at times. One of the best ways to get away from a hectic academic life is to join organizations around campus. Not only do you make great connections, but you’ll meet new people who have new ideas. They may inspire you or be a great friend to you (especially when it’s 3:00 a.m. and you’re still studying in the CULC). 

Organizations are also a great catch on resumes, which all of you will need soon. Say bye-bye to your high school resume and clubs. It’s time to start over. Do it better the second time round’. What do you say? 


  • Breath

  • Here is an entire list of organizations at Tech:

  • Ask yourself: What am I interested in?

  • Don’t join organizations just because your friends do. You’ll be miserable if it’s something you don’t love.

  • Ask yourself: How much time do I have daily?

  • Get a planner and get your life together. Organize your schedule. Do not join too many organizations at once because time commitments are like playing Monopoly- being rich is wonderful until you go bankrupt. 

  • Join a fun organization, a service organization, and a network organization. (Example: FAB, For the Kids, SAA)

  • If you miss the deadline, try emailing the organization’s director. The worse they can say is NO.

  • If you have any questions about an organization, email the director or sponsor and they’ll email you back 98% of the time.

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself first semester. Many organizations accept new members in the Spring, too.

  • Be committed to the organizations you join. DO NOT BE FLAKEY.

  • Drop an organization if you aren’t passionate about it. Commitment is hard, but forcing yourself to do something you aren’t passionate about is worse.

  • Go out on a limb- do something new and exciting (and get out of your dorm). 

  • Interact with the people in your organization. They don’t bite (most of the time), I promise.

Hope your semester is off to a great start, Jackets!

2nd day of IAC Associate Dean Dr. John Tone’s ever popular “Introduction to the History of Disease and Medicine.”



World Cup Fever in Barcelona! ♡

One of the best experiences I had in Barcelona was watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Being the slight football (soccer) fan I was, I was already excited for the arrival of the Cup, but being the crazed football fanatics the people of Barcelona are, I am now and forever football crazed! Watching the Cup with actual born and raised Argentineans, Brazilians, Germans, and Italians opened my eyes to the passion of each country, their cultures and their unifying love for the sport. Something I also share whenever my country, Jamaica, plays. And it was an experience I would never take back for the world. I fell in love with their passion, their undying love and their excitement for the sport. I fell in love with Barcelona. ♡

P.S. I am now, always and forever a FC Barcelona fan. Who can’t wait for La Liga in 3 days?? Me! #viscaBarça!!! #força! ♡ 

Pictured above: The screening of the World Cup finals match of Argentina vs. Germany, at Dixie in Barcelona, Spain. 

Check out this World Cup experience one of our Computational Media students, Chelsi Cocking, had while she was on study abroad in Barcelona Spain! Georgia Tech #BarcelonaStudyAbroadProgram.

Georgia Tech To Do List

There are so many things to do while at Georgia Tech. Here’s a list to help you get started!

Visit a food truck for lunch (Buzzcards are accepted!)

Join a hip-hop dance class at the CRC

Run the Pi Mile

Have a picnic in the Engineering Quad

Grab a bite to eat with your friends in Technology Square

Tailgate before a football game

Ride a roller coaster on Georgia Tech Night at Six Flag

Take a picture with the one and only Buzz

First Week Shenanigans, Georgia Tech Edition

  • Mess up the writing on your RAT cap
  • Obsessively eat at North Ave because who doesn’t love unlimited, unhealthy food?
  • Realize that you need to go to the CRC because you can’t walk up freshman hill without your legs aching.
  • Say hi to one of the many construction workers.
  • Get on the Green Route, because why not?
  • Have lunch out of a vending machine because you can’t walk back up freshman hill that quickly to get back for your next class.
  • Wear jeans only to realize you’re the most overdressed up person on campus.
  • Eat a Brittan Burrito, bro.
  • Get lost and realize you can’t read campus maps because it doesn’t talk like your cellphone navigation system. 
  • Spend all your money on Starbucks.

Chile: iacchilenismos:

Spent my Saturday checking out the Museo al Cielo Libre. It’s a street where the buildings are covered in some incredible murals done by the world’s most prominent street artists.

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